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International Raw Bar



Too many people think ceviche is nothing more than a Latin version of raw fish. In reality, the dish is so much more and, actually, is the furthest thing from raw. At the most basic level, ceviche is raw fish and seafood that’s been marinated in citrus juice. During the marinating process, the acids in the citrus juice breaks down the proteins of the fish and seafood and essentially cooks the meat. Once the “cooking” process is complete, diners are left with chilled dish that can be customized to satisfy nearly any palette. The Fishscale offers six uniquely delicious Ceviche options. Come in today to find your favorite!

Raw Bar

Clams &





No meal is complete without a delicious beverage. The Fishscale spared no expense when creating the dessert & drink menu. Offering hot and cold coffee concoctions and milkshakes that are simply divine, our bartenders are committed to providing guests with a truly special beverage experience. Bringing the kids? Watch their faces light up at the sight of our Peanut Butter Delight or Cotton Candy Express shakes!



Every Saturday join us for family bingo! 2 for 1 drink specials.  Cash prizes.  2-6 pm

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Market Fresh!

Wondering what market fresh means? The journey from fishing boat to supermarket counter is rarely as straightforward as going from Point A to Point B. In between these two destinations, fish often make pit stops at warehouses and distribution centers. In fact, fish labeled “fresh” in grocery stores can actually have been sitting in warehouses for up to three weeks before finding itself on the store’s shelf! When we call our fish “market fresh,” we are promising a much shorter journey from sea to table. Our seasonal fish is caught by local fishermen, cleaned and prepared as soon as it’s ready and then delivered to us in record time. The result? A truly refreshing taste with each and every bite.

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